Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Dead Girl', review

'Dead Girl' promo

“Dead Girl”
-review By Justin La Plante

This movie is a revelation in zombie flicks. It's 'Stand by me' meets 'dawn of the dead' with a twist of 'brick'. It tells the story of two outcast teen boys who happen upon the animated corpse of a very attractive young woman chained to a table in the boiler room of an abandoned mental institution.
Each of the boys exploits the situation in different ways with devastating and very unhappy results.
It is quite clear from the moment she begins to move in her first scene that the 'dead girl' (Played by actress Jenny Spain) is the actual main character in this movie. Without any speaking parts Jenny projects the entire film into a new dimension. With rhythmic sequences of animalistic body movements ranging from slinky minimal adjustments and twitches to full body thrashing and jugular ripping oral attacks, Her movement and facial expressions are well tailored to suck you into a real experience of sensual terror. It is as if she is channeling Bella Lagosi's Dracula or Boris Karloff's Nosferatu performance. I raise my lighter to it.

The only disappointment in this movie would be the performance of Andrew DiPalma who plays an overly stereotypical high school jock bully. The character was far too unbelievable and the actor himself lacked focus for the role. Though Dipalma has been overly typecast as douchebag/frat/bully/jock in other work and it could be overdue frustration leaking out.
This did supplement the satisfaction in seeing his character's eventual demise in the film though.

This movie is not to be missed.

Jenny Spain

Definitely look for Jenny Spain in any of her upcoming roles (there will be more).
Currently she is in production on "Trust" (working title) a horror about reality shows.
Shiloh Fernandez (male lead) is a hit or miss in his career at this point. He could be the next Johnny Depp or he could be the next Andrew DiPalma. He is finishing production on 'The girl with the red riding hood' a new spin on the old fairy tale. I'm on the fence about it considering it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke (the rube who helped curse us with 'Twilight'). Hopefully 'The girl with the red riding hood' will lac the same vapid mediocrity and lack luster dialogue as 'Twilight'.

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