Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insane porn site owners at it again,.... and again (facepalm)

Months after helping and write and disseminate a defamatory article that said the website was publishing child porn (which called bullshit on, *see earlier post* ), Miss Athena Hollow, the owner of (also .com), and a number of other poorly rated amateur altporn websites has resurfaced with the same mindless troll that got her and (also .net) in so much hot water.

Since this all started I’ve found some imitators and other bloggers either impersonating me or picking up on the story in what they call “activism” or “advocacy”. Some have been saying they were me and using other profiles to post on myspace and facebook, some have said fake profiles and other profiles on facebook were me posting about these websites and others have been other people who seem to be ridding the wake of the insanity to organize porn websites against corruption.
I wonder what the fuck is so special about me all of the sudden? Plenty of folks have had it with these people. Killshot (AKA, Scott Owens, the owner of Eroticbpm) seems to have taken the higher road and has stayed out of this since the effect of his plan to smear blew up in his face and plummeted interest in his website considerably.
But people like Athena hollow seem to think that there is still something to be made from libeling and repeating libelous information that has already done considerable damage to her own business prospects and reputation.
Now she says I am blackmailing people (That post was taken down but there is a page save below of it)

Before we go on,
let’s go back to WHY she is trying to say I am blackmailing people.
When Scott Owens had been messaging me on his website about the dangerous dolls I was taking much of what he said with a grain of salt. Then when the article came out about both he and Athena hollow were far too active in promoting the article and defending it when I questioned what it was saying.
The article sourced an article by but nothing in the Xbiz article said or even suggested that or it’s owners were involved in child porn.
It was later discovered that the affiliate program that the Xbiz article was accusing of child porn was itself never involved with child porn either.
So the very concept that started all of this, the very reason, Scott Owens and Athena hollow were so hard core about telling the world was involved in child porn was not just a complete and utter LIE but the article they were trying to use to perpetuate this lie was also another lie in itself.
When I found all of this out I became very angry with Scott Owens and Athena who immediately concocted a series of blog and forum posts claiming that I had been contacting models on behalf of porn websites to make deals for photo shoots and video shoots.
On the earlier blog (posted above) I went over the situation of youtube messages and emails that had been exchanged between myself, another individual who recently appeared on a major cable network tv show and an employee of Scott Owens, the owner of Killshot productions and eroticbpm.
These messages had been collected by Scott Owens, then altered and distributed to these blogs and forums. They were later removed after one of the parties I had communicated with, the individual who had recently been on a major show on a national cable netowrk, realized that the discovery claim (legal procedure for defamation suit) I would have to make to have the defamatory and libelous content removed from these blogs would have revealed who he was and that he had been secretly marketing his appearance on this show before it was aired on it's host network. That would have violated his contract with this network. So instead of filing for defamation and in turn revealing that this person was violating their contract with this major media provider, they said they would request that these messages be taken off the websites and blogs to protect both their and my own privacy.
As you can see from this latest blog post on Athena Hollow’s website it is apparent that after this person's appearance on this cable show these parties once again convinced him to share emails and communications in order to enhance their meaning to something I never said. This time a blackmail conspiracy.
As you can see in this blog post she states clearly:

“This is a one sided conversation, but it’s pretty obvious to get what was said on the other side”

She does have a proper title on her blog, "demented rants".

Yes, I'm sure it is VERY obvious what the other person or persons are saying, whom ever they may be and what ever they ACTUALLY said.

So this means they are hijacking these massages and changing them again but this time they are avoiding the pitfall of using the other party’s messages or reference of those people in order to avoid being liable for the bullshit they are trying to spread. Knowing full well that if they are called out on it, these other parties will have to be named, these website owners will have to be included and named (Athena hollow is a stage name) and the ORIGINAL messages will all have to be made public. I have to say that is some amazing bullshit artistry (oh and thanks for ripping off that term in your blog Athena Hollow, christ you actually Plagiarize the people you libel. I was birthing the quote "bullshit artistry" before you could even type. Just check my livejournal account) Ineffective and stupid in any legal context but perfect for convincing any run of the mill moron of tabloid bullshit and libel.
So par for the course in how these mock altporn websites and news sites make up their information.

This is ‘WHY’

The article is why they have done this. The blackmail conspiracy story is a perfect diversionary tactic used daily by tabloid news organizations, celebs cheating on their significant others and of course porn website owners who want to keep the heat off when they try to say that another porn site owner is making kiddie porn just so they can try and take out more popular competition. Well it didn’t work and this is not working either.

I’m not the only one who thinks so!/topic.php?uid=113935338651689&topic=106

I kinda got banned from that group after gettin' a lil feisty with my own responses. I understand like so many others they just don't want this drama but it looks like they are making some more of their own.

I don’t even know half of these people and they are calling bullshit on it.
Other recent rumors from Miss Athena hollow include an accusation that I said she never had cancer.
Which couldn’t be farther from the truth since I actually made and effort to promote and support her cancer donation links when they were being distributed AFTER she and Owens tried to smear me the first time.
What I have said was it was not a good choice for her to go on web cam sessions getting drunk and smoking on eroticbpm (which seem to be the average context of eroticbpm web cam sessions for most of their models) while also telling other web site owners that she could not make web cam sessions because of pain and health issues. Also not a good idea to try telling people that smoking and drinking have nothing to do with cancer when people question when she smokes or drinks on cam at times when she says she is in to much pain from said cancer.
She has also tried to say that I posted her private information online
This is a person who posted her own home address and phone number on a whois look up as the business contact for her PORN WEBSITE.
THEN tried to say that because she has a four year old at home it was harassment that I found out she had posted her own home address and phone on the whois (I did not post the actual address or phone, just the whois link and the network solutions WHOIS look up is a PUBLIC database) for her PORN WEBSITES.
I wouldn’t have even checked the whois on her porn sites if it hadn’t been for her psychotic boyfriend and business partner machine gun posting my own personal information all over eroticbpm and and sending sick messages directly to the models while posing as the rep for her websites.
What idiot puts their home address in a TRAILOR PARK as their WHOIS listing to the PUBLIC?!

So ENOUGH already!
Grow the fuck up and get a fucking life. Since this has happened your competitors have only become more popular and I’ve been very happy to share all the nasty shit you have been doing behind everyone’s back all these years. Manipulating information, using fake profiles to promote on MySpace and facebook, spying on competitors, threatening models, convincing models to post your bullshit for you.
Just leave me alone already. You have no friends that you don’t use or manipulate and you obviously care very little for family. Each attempt you have made to hurt me has been visited back upon you ten fold and will continue to the more you continue. Just look at what happened to those who came before you. Karma is a real force and it has one hell of a sting.

Update August-20-2010
Well HELLO 'second-in-a-row' missing blog post from Miss Athena Hollow headed

Remember that page save of the 'demented' rants blog you saw up above, note the date on it, visit it yourself and have a gander at THIS:

Just like the last one, POOF!, it's magically gone.
It has been replaced by a new rant about how she is being unfairly criticized by that facebook group she bolted from when they started checking her story. Yes,... the same facebook group that banned me but as you all know, when a problem comes along,.. I must whip it,.... whip it good,.... sometimes I whip too much. Where others like to bullshit and libel, I kinda punch the head a bit to hard when My monkey tree is being shook. I'd rather be pissed and over angry than bullshitting or manipulating people any day.
SO FUCK OFF once and for all! Maybe if you would just forget I exist and stop obsessing that I and I alone am out here conspiring against you and MAYBE consider that in your travels as a libeling bullshit artist and pseudo porn empire head you just MIGHT have made more people than just lil old me a wee bit ornery.
BTW, We have all seen that other stupidity you post on your blogs. You talk about how you are this incredible and giving porn empress who boosts the careers of so many and does this awe inspiring web design but on the same effin blog you go into how poor and horrible you life is while your out go to the bar, obsess over video games and look for regular work cause you cant make ends meet with porn. Get a fucking real job and take care of your CHILD instead of trying to continue to be one yourself. And it is called a CHILD, not "the kid". Also "passed out" among a situation with a drunken raving aunt and you and your significant other slipping in and out of sleep after a day of jerking around doing nothing IS NOT a state of proper care for your child. YES, I've saved those posts as well.
These are not the droids you are looking for.