Saturday, May 29, 2010

IT IS OVER!, Corrupt alt-porn owners, defamation, manipualtion and something 'tion' as well. Justice is served from an unlikely hero.

I’ll begin by stating quite clearly that:

I have not represented any website for any reason to any person or for any person to any website for any reason as it has been alleged about me.

There were youtube messages to two individuals Scott Owens (owner of and the owner of the webstie are talking about in a defamatory forum post made on the website but the content posted about those conversations has been embellished to insinuate things I never said. To the best of my understanding this was done to fit a very obvious need that Scott Owens of Killshot productions and the owner of the website have right now. That being to do whatever is necessary for them to distance themselves from this situation with the article they had been contributing too and trying very hard to convince me and several other parties of recently. The same article that the editor at XBIZ Don Parret had stated quite clearly did NOT contain any information that substantiated the claim that the dangerous dolls website was in any way involved in child pornography. had used the XBIZ article to claim that had been involved in child porn.
Yet published an article with the title:

"The dangerous dolls owners involved in CP (child porn)"

Which was entirely false in light of the facts.

During this debacle Scott Owens, the owner of was trying very hard to convince me that this article was true.

I had known Scott Owens for nearly ten years and knew him when he began his first porn website I also knew individuals who worked for the website this defamatory article on was trying to smear.
During the time this article came out I was very agitated with Scott’s stance on the issue and how he claimed to have more damaging information about and the owner of that website than even what the article was saying.¤t=Capturetoday345-26-2010-100428PM.jpg&newest=1

He says quite clearly that;
“one in particular item is out… but its not the end..”

Though even at the time he sent this, it was obvious through source checking that there in fact was no connection between, child pornography or the insinuation that these businesses that had been involved in any illicit activity were ever in ownership of
It was very convenient that the article had no author listed and Scott has not denied contributing to it. From the message he sent me on he is obviously relishing in the results of it. Models left, people were going around freely stating that it was a child porn provider and right after the article came out Scott delivered a very well timed ultimatum to the models not to be involved with DD and his own website until the owners of, namely the chief owner ‘dragon’, cut off involvement with their billing provider immediately. Which was very detrimental to models who were at that time working with both websites.
Dragon rushed in to a mad panic to end his billing and actually shut down new memberships so the problem would be solved to the satisfaction of Scott Owens and . How could he not? He was being pressured under duress to do it and if he stopped one second to try and explain things he got pointed right back to the article alleging that he was involved in child porn.
Now just today, after all this infighting and going back and forth and Scott Owens going out of his way to defend all this by libel attacking me, finally pulled down the original article.
Which of course I still have page saves of:¤t=Capturetoday345-26-2010-100428PM.jpg&newest=1

At the time, contended that the title of that article and it’s very first written line did not incriminate the owners of in any way.

I'll ask anyone reading this now:

"***your name***involved in CP (child porn)"

Would you NOT consider that an unfair and defamatory claim against you?
(actual child predators, sex offenders and pedophiles need not answer)

In conclusion,

At some point on May-29-2010 between 3pm and 5:20pm removed their entire forum section.¤t=apnforumsgone.jpg
*Notice anything missing on the nav bar?*

This forum had been riddled with several defamatory messages and comments about ‘dragon’, the owner of DD, ‘Various’, another owner of DD and myself. This material had been posted by Scott Owens himself, an individual claiming to be a representative of the website (the profile was named ‘xxxlancer’) and two other alt-porn site owners who I do not believe deserve the repercussions of their own actions due to ignorance and quite obviously orchestration from Mr. Owens who has commercial interests with both these individuals. I am sure that if the forum will return later, if at all, it will do so with a more closely guarded administration of the content posted by both members and admins.
Seeing as neglect of their own forums and article content began this journey for us all.
Speaking of journeys, I would like to end this one on a positive note.
With ‘Journey’

As a post script to this,
there have been new rumors generated by Mr. Owens and the owner of that I had posted the address of the owner of that website ( on the forums of and
As I mentioned earlier there was a message board flame war going on within the forum sections of these websites. A profile named 'xxxlancer' had been posting and threatening to post my own personal information in machine gun posts across several forums in a cyberstalking effort. So I did a WHOIS lookup on the network solutions service for

The WHOIS lookup page on

A WHOIS "lookup" is a free, public service that provides you with information about or contact information for a web domain owner.
When you register your domain for a website you can opt to make it private so any requests that are made for the information about ownership can be supplied by a third party that checks and records the information of the requesting party either through email or snail mail service.
Or you can simply leave your own contact information for your WHOIS information.
The owner of (until yesterday) had not opted for privacy OR for routing the registration information to a business OR P.O. box.
Instead, this owner of a PORN WEBSITE decided to leave their home address and full name on their WHOIS information.
But I DID NOT post any of that information to any forum.
I simply posted this URL:

Which is the WHOIS lookup result for
Until May 30, 2010 the address on that WHOIS lookup was not a business, address, not a P.O. box or a privacy process but rather the actual home address and NAME of the owner of that website.

Both Scott Owens and this owner of have actually tried to use that this person has a 4 year old child at that address as some kind of defence.

What human being uses their home address to post an open WHOIS lookup on their website when that website deals with pornographic material and they have children of ANY age living in that home?
Furthermore, what business owner of a pornographic website allows their employees to threaten the illicit use of and distribute the personal information of others (business or private) on website forums without expecting that the people they are attacking would not seek out the public listing of that business's information?
The owner of xxxlancer was (for lack of a better word) dumb by using their home address for their WHOIS listing when filing the domain name for this porn site.
When you file for a domain name, you enter an address and contact information. With a P.O. box there are options for hiding the contact name and apparently this person DOES have a P.O. box as it turns out.
Then you either let it ride or you opt for privacy in your WHOIS listing. There are no automatic systems that later change information as was suggested by this person.
Even if so, that still has nothing to do with me. If a WHOIS listing can be auto self changed to list a person's home addy unintentionally then the owner of would have a clear complaint case against their domain provider.

I have requested that the owner of discontinue any more threatening behavior and they have done so. They have also since corrected the problem with their WHOIS information and employees running around cyber-bullying on website forums.

Scott Owens is once again using another person as a human shield to protect himself from the backfire of the article he contributed to.
Mr. Owens KNOWS what he was doing was wrong and the defamation he is spreading about me would require that the owner of to be needlessly incriminated and involved any further if I was to begin court action in the matter.
This person was stupid by not properly registering their WHOIS and allowing their employees to be involved in childish cyber-bullying tactics but it does not warrant that they should be criminalized for it. In my opinion it is not even half as bad as the damage caused by this article Scott Owens had sold all these other parties on. I am not concerned with the passengers when the wheel man is driving them all off the cliff.

He has been smart to avoid commenting on the situation openly after his last attempt was removed from the forums (along with the entire forum section) but he has persisted in emailing and messaging people defamatory information.
As is today's case:¤t=Capturetoday345-30-2010-33927PM.jpg


He claims it was personal information about this person.

I know this person from both and the forums on
I had already received one message from them about this issue and I advised that if this person did communicate with Mr. Owens on the issue that Scott should be reminded to not continue posting libel about any parties concerned or myself any further.
On Scott Owens is currently squatting my profile with a status stamp of 'BANNED' on it, I have requested complete deletion of the account which is my right by the TOS of that site but Mr. Owens has not complied.
He is holding on to any scrap of me he can in a very creepy attempt to contain me in some way.

This is clear defamation and a grounds for court action to that effect.
But again, this involves a number of people who have been needlessly involved as a result of Mr. Owens's poorly crafted trickery.

**** update (June 1, 2010)

On the facebook page for the owner of xxx.lancer's own porn modeling profile I also found this STILL posted June 1, 2010:¤t=Capturetoday346-1-2010-21104PM.jpg&newest=1

This post contains a link to a forum post that was removed from along with the entire forum because of this issue.
Yet this person seems to think that claiming this will still have some kind of veracity.

Continued drama

On June 6th 2010 brought back their forums.
Though the article they did about was still removed, there were a few references to it and defending it by admins in the forums. Every post made by my profile on along with the profile itself still remained on the forums as well.
Every single scrap of information that had been removed by the admins at three other websites was now back on
This may be why:

***New information about this issue is updated below.***

The alexa rating for shows that the highest activity for the site was during the last month when they posted the article and then during the increase in forum activity right after. They then dropped to their lowest annual rating when they pulled the article and their forums.
Now that the forums are back their alexa rating is increasing again. This is the same behavior that got them in trouble in the first place but they are going right back to it to maintain profits.
After checking alexa on all the other alt sites who had been trashing the dangerous dolls I found that ALL of them had been losing views and clickstream in very significant numbers for the last three months while the dangerous dolls was the only alt site among ANY I could find that had been gaining and was getting better clickstream from higher traffic sources.
This was a hatchet job from start to finish.
Killshot productions,,, and even ALL had something to gain by posting libel and defamation about the dangerous dolls. It was a pathetic and hateful smear to try and make money while their websites went down the toilet.

Update, June 2, 2010 !!DONE!!

This was utterly surprising to me that there are actually more people in the world who step outside themselves and go above and beyond to do what is right.
One of the two individuals from who's communications with me were used to try and claim that I had contacted models on behalf of altporn sites.
This person came forward to refute the alteration and defamatory use of those messages.
As per this person's request all parties including myself have agreed to respect privacy in this matter. Of course I can not speak for the others.

Original email:



full message:


this statement has been prepared from legal council

These youtube communications between myself '**************' (*youtube screen name*) and the youtube user known as 'colitisscope', who is the user of this youtube channel (, were NOT the domain of Scott Owens or the Owner/Operators and models associated with the websites,,, and to alter and distribute in this effort to libel and defame 'colitisscope' and the person by name associated with that youtube account.
It was also not the right of any parties mentioned above and among the recipients of this message to continue posting defamation and libel by further distributing links to various websites and blogs from twitter, facebook, myspace, blog or other such website accounts associated with the above mentioned parties.
At the time the above mentioned parties requested transcripts of these communications, I did not know that their intention was to alter them and use them in an effort to post libel and defamation about 'colitisscope' and the person associated with that youtube account.
I request that Scott Owens, the owner of Killshot Productions and the Owner/Operators of the above mentioned websites, the recipients of this message and all parties associated immediately remove any and all reference to any communications between myself '************', 'colitisscope', the youtube profile known as 'clubmix666', any communications between myself and clubmix666 and the person associated with the collitisscope account on youtube.
I request that ALL parties mentioned never again mention or communicate with me again about this issue and respect my privacy and the privacy of all other parties mentioned.
This issue has adversely compromised a contracting issue I maintain with another media provider. It has potentially threatened my well being and the privacy and well being of other innocent parties.
Thank you for respecting my wishes, please execute these requests promptly and please do not raise this issue or any similar issues or requests with me ever again.,,, Please inform and advise your fellow accomplices of this message as some email and youtube contacts may have not directed properly.

Thank you-
youtube user '***********'-June 1st, 2010
Sent from my youtube and email account.


'************', you are a true human being for doing this. The others effected by this disgusting display of stupidity and harassment commend you and we owe you our thanks.

This kills the last bit of the issue that began with trying to connect a website to child porn and then the co-authors of that article going on a cyberstalking rampage over eight other websites when no longer had their back.
Scott Owens commented so brazenly on the smear piece about me that he was so proud of that because of this card house lie he had constructed, no one would trust me ever again. I would be hated and despised. Ranked an outcast by some exclusive society of the altporn world.
Communications with mainstream and altporn professionals alike during this incident have enlightened me to the fact that I had been existing in a bubble until recently when it came to these "alt-porn" websites. Mr. Owens was NEVER the industry pro he claimed to be and had for some time been violating sacred trusts among other owners and actual industry professionals in order to advance his marketing. Failing progressively as he went. Today he is part of a small group of other alt-porn and pseudo news groups like that have banded together like a pack of parasites to feed on the ass of an "alt-porn" franchise model that has lost wind due to corruption, unoriginal concepts and short sighted practices.
In other words, DOOMED.

Now I can get this blog back in gear with some new posts.

So far, outside of a few remaining facebook and twitter posts leading to links that
lead to removed content all the parties involved have capitulated. requested a take down for a video on my youtube channel with the petition for them to pull defamatory content about from their website.
Seeing as they have removed all defamatory material requested, I granted their request with a warning that they brush their teeth and respect their elders more in the future. Maybe also consider reporting actual NEWS than trying to favor certain providers while trashing others for profit.

This blog will be condensed and then expanded upon in detail for other upcoming news sources.

For now, it is about time I get some sleep and then back to planning for a VERY well earned vacation driving the up the coastal highways between Salem MA, and the eastern most point of this nation with the most beautiful and wise of all female humans who has helped me more than anything or anyone else through out this stupidity.

What is this moron thinking?! June 7-2010

After everything (the defamation against and myself) had been wiped clean from google I noticed two tiny links at the bottom of page 1 on google when I cross referenced my former screen names on and



He seems to have posted what he calls a PSA (Public Service Anouncement) yet it is only posted to his exclusive, member only adult website and possibly to as well, another member only adult website. I imagine this is something he may have emailed as a PSA yet when you send out PSAs or post them (remember that word "PUBLIC") you have to send copies to ALL parties mentioned in case there is a defamation issue with what ever you are claiming in it. My in box is not showing anything from killshot (AKA, scott owens) and this PSA about me at the moment.
So like my profile on and his moronic posts about the defunked youtube messages he is now squatting this from public view, proofing, oversight and lying through his teeth to the captive audiences on and his own website.
Xbiz is still standing firm about what apn did with story and one of Owens's accomplices in the youtube messaging scheme already pulled the plug on this claims by backing out on Owens.
What I found hilarious is that Scott went so far as to claim I had a web based business by using my screen name from (colitisscope) and slapped a 'net.' on it as part of the PSA ruse. Just as inventive as his alterations to the youtube messages but just as ineffective to anyone with n IQ above 30. It is true that I have a web based business which uses a variant of the name colitisscope but as you can see from this screen capture:

The site Owens is talking about never even existed.
What kind of idiot doesn't even check his own bullshit artistry before posting it?

All anyone would have to do is type in that URL and see that there isn't even a website there.
No surprise that this is the same person doing business with a porn web owner who posted their own home address as a public WHOIS look up.


I am not mad about this one bit and there will be no reprisals for anyone who re-posted or blogged thinking that any of what had been said about me was true.
I look forward to working with anyone who is in need and honorable in their intentions and I look forward to continuing work with those I have. In light of the facts coming out the damage has been repaired. Actually it has made me quite popular among industry professionals of a much higher caliber than Killshot productions who have been watching this unfold closely.
I could care less if anyone would actually still believe any of it at this point.
At least he wasn't trying to say I was involved in child porn.
Scott was desperate, stupid and thought if he got a model to cry wolf and point a finger, I could be made into a pariah.
What has happened to his own credibility and business since it was proven otherwise is far worse than what ever could have been done to me.

Laughable (July 6, 2010)

So today I notice this:

Which stands to reason since Scott Owens is virtually the number one Altporn site owner who can not keep a good relationship with models who work for him.
They actually have been touting this article as 'Good news' on eroticbpm and their facebook profile.
After ELEVEN YEARS, Scott finally gets around to contracting an exclusive model.
These are the same people who just tried and nearly completed an effort to destroy an entire business with defamation just to get ahead. I'd love to see what kind of agreement this "exclusive contract" is. If it is anything like Eroticbpm's modeling contract or application it was undoubtedly very poorly written, un-notarized and promises more from what the model has to provide rather than what the site does.

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