Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The first HDR images in porn (Alt, mainstream or otherwise) EVER!

After noticing today’s tumblr post for the alt-porn site something profound caught my attention. I was looking at an HDR nude for the first time ever on an alt-porn site.


Model: KrystaKaos
Photographer: 'SoCal'

I immediately wondered if there was any way this could be the first ever on ANY alt-porn site OR even mainstream porn sites for that matter.
Seeing as HDR has been around at least a little while in the industry one would have suspected so.


I went through an ocean of Google checks. I did find one photographer who shot a nude model in what he says is HDR but looks rather bland and uninspired.
The color and light ratios may very well be HDR in that instance but the over all quality is so poor that this could also be simple photoshopping and the set up in general is very poor and un-publishable.
Needless to say, I did not find a corresponding usage in any alt-porn or mainstream site of that set. It’s use on alone would not qualify.
I then checked Google images for references to HDR in the nude, altporn, porn, alt, and all the likely altporn sites to be capable of using the technology.
I found nothing but ‘experimental’ images for art galleries or projects experimenting in HDR. None of it had been officially published to any adult entertainment site.
I found a tutorial for HDR suggesting it’s application in nude but no execution of that or a publication to any site.

I was left facing a startling conclusion. has just published the first HDR altporn image! More than that they may have just published the first ever HDR image on ANY porn or adult entertainment site in the altporn or mainstream industries. Even non-adult entertainment has hardly scratched the surface of photographing models in HDR.


What is HDR?
It is highly technical so I will be as forgiving as possible with the heavy technical points. For the most part this involves Tone mapping with RAW image files and multiple exposure levels.
An HDR (high dynamic range) image is done a few different ways.

The most popular (and cheap) is to acquire an HDR processing program like ‘Photomatix’ which works best in conjunction with CS4 or 5 or a plug-in app like Topaz Adjust 4 which works in conjunction with a compatible imaging program. With either of these you can upgrade standard images in RAW format to HDR images so long as an appropriate amount of information can be extracted from the original image taken by any conventional high end digital cam. After some tweaking like making multiple exposure versions of the original image or letting the program automate a similar process you get an HDR image.

The more expensive way is to get a SUPER high end DSLR digital cam capable of multi exposure shots (typically from four to nine exposures at each exposure level per shot) which can later recompress in your HDR program like the ones mentioned above.
There are also some programs which claim to be able to expand conventional Jpeg images to RAW and then process them as HDR but I’ve not seen impressive enough results from any of these to nail them down as true or effective means for making HDR images.

Any way you do it, if you play your cards right, you end up with rich, vibrant images that incorporate the complete information of the image in light and color values from every possible exposure point of that image.
Meaning those images can then be mixed in these programs to points that are ultra visual in their representation, surreal or even cartoonish or painted by presets or manual toggling of the levels in color, light and shading (just to name VERY few).
Essentially and by every meaning of the words it is “High Dynamic Range” imaging.
This set that has posted is made up of true HDR images.

I have suggested HDR to adult entertainment websites before and only been scoffed at claiming that the concept is meaningless to their customers who most seem to judge as a drooling pack of jerk happy fanatics. Obviously was not that short sighted and the result is everything I would have hoped HDR to be when applied to this realm. These images are artwork. I would want these in print and framed in large scale on a wall. They take the entire industry into a new level of taste, imagery and professionalism.
If XBIZ and AVN can not recognize this in an award or at least industry wide recognition nod then there is just no justice in this industry.


Now this is just a preliminary announcement of what I now believe to be the first true HDR image in the world of online altporn websites and quite possibly the entire industry both alt and mainstream.
If there is any instance of another altporn site having published a set of HDR images BEFORE today’s publication by the please stand up and claim your prize.

***This would have to be a set published BEFORE June 2nd, 2010 to an alt-porn, mainstream porn or otherwise adult entertainment website featuring true HDR images of nude and or pornographic modeling. If there are any other than altporn sites that can claim this it would be more immediate. It would be understandable if maybe a mainstream site has done it but this far I have not found none of those having done it yet either, The field is open for to take it all at this point.***

Until then, and as far as I am concerned, the dolls have it. I commend ‘Dragon’ and ‘Various’ owners of and the Photographer ‘SoCal’ for his stunning images of KrystaKaos.